Down I walk the road Hazelled with Boulevard of broken dreams…..

Down I walk the road Hazelled with Boulevard of broken dreams…..

Collecting the fallen stars and trying to shine as a bright mercury star….

Don’t know where i am going…

Don’t know what i am doing…..

Don’t know how to go…………….

Don’t know when to do…………..

Collecting the fallen stars and trying to shine as a bright mercury star……

Hard I work as much as I can….

Trying to please everyone around.

Day or night, morning or evening, dawn or noon, looking beyond that…..

Collecting the fallen stars and trying to shine as a bright mercury star……

Time is flowing very fast…

Don’t remember when i looked at it last..

But today when i look back with pieces of stars in my hand,

I feel what have i done or what have I earned…

Collecting the fallen stars and trying to shine as a bright mercury star……

All will be lost with time…..

And where will i stand and more importantly with who all, beside me with glass of wine…..

Collecting the fallen stars and trying to shine as a bright mercury star……

Give me some ground,

Give me some rain,

Give me some air,

Give me some fire,

Give me some sky,

So that of what I or we are made make me feel i am with myself…..

Collecting the fallen stars and trying to shine as a bright mercury star……

Hike to Bijlee Mahdev….

Shravan the holy month of Shiva was on and it had been more than 2 yrs that I had paid my visit to the Bole Baba’s abode. So this time when i was in my home town i decided to make a quick visit to the temple. It was a sudden plan and as all have moved on and got busy in there personal life, it was hard to find a friend who would have accompanied me in this hike. But a friend who runs a travel agency agreed on the pretext that we would go very early and return by noon so that he would open up the office after that.

So the next day i woke up at four and by five I was out to pick him up. Me him and mine 2-Stroke 25 years old bike were the partners for this hike.

The temple of the Lord Shiva is on hill top bifurcating the two valleys one is the Parvati Valley and the other one is Kulu Valley. Earlier there used to be just one most convenient way to reach the temple that was from Kulu Side. You drive 18 km to reach The last motor able road point, park your vehicle and start the hike. With due course of time a new road has come up from the Parvati valley side also. We took the new less traveled road to explore the new area.

Road to Bharain Village was very well metaled in the beginning but as we gained the height and started to reach the mountain top the clouds came in our way and we could feel the water droplets accumulating on our face and making the clothes wet. But the accent was going on with the 2-Stroke Shogun roaring and climbing. But then the real test came now, as it had rained last night and by now we had reached the rocky road and with water accumulated in pot holes and high vertical gradient was making ride near to impossible but we were managing it any how. But suddenly the rocky road converted into so much smooth road that bike started to slip from one corned to the other corner as it was all slush and tyres went deep inside and started to slip on the smoothness of the mud. We managed to ride upto 2.5 km in that condition and then came the big decision of not going forward as it was not going to happen. With bike and we all drenched up in mud we took a turn around and blamed it on destiny that today is not the day that baba would like to give his darshan to us. With hard heart we took a turn and started back. by now it was 8:00 AM. Any how by 9:00 we were back in Bhuntar town, from where we had started. I dropped the friend back him home and started back to my home.

Suddenly while riding i came across a thought that after 2.5 years i got a chance and I could not reach and I wasn’t sure that when next this would happen again. So I took a decision of going from the other side which is the most common way to go. Pulled the throttle and rode to kulu and then as soon as i took the turn for Bijlee Mahadev and went 5-6 Km the bike started giving a little trouble. Engine started to misfire and bike engine would shut down for a while. I was confident that it shall pass and i shall reach the last road point but then it didn’t happen and the engine went off and didn’t start off despite of several kicks. Dream Shattered that Baba is taking a test and he does not want me to reach today. Second time with double hard heart i took a turn and rode the bike in neutral, as it was all incline which i was riding uphill till now. had to pull the bike for few distance in between but i managed to reach the mechanic shop. Bike was rectified in just 5 min as just the spark plug needed to changed.

Now all tired as it had been more than 6 hrs of riding and clothes all drenched in rain and the i was standing what next to do. Called up my father to tell the whole story of what i went thru since morning. And there he was park your bike take a cab and go still the whole day is there with you. His that statement acted as a catalyst and I kicked the bike and flew till the last road point. Parked the bike in one of the private parking lots and started the hike.

All the way was all filled with sludge as the mud from the side of the stairs had been washed and brought into the main stairs by the rain. any how i started to pass the cafe’s which were onthe border line of the village and the forest and was longing for a warm cup of tea. But decided in my mind to stop at the last cafe so that maximum distance is covered before taking a rest break. As i sat with my legs spread on to the other chair and sipping the warm tea in cold rainy weather i started to fall asleep as i was so much tired. A thought came for a moment that it was the wrong day and wrong decesion i took but when you have started then you should also end it. Pulled up my bag and started the hike. reached up there in 2 hrs with few breaks in between.

The top where there used to be just 2-3 shops was filled with nearly 25-30 shops. It gave a little heart break but later on came to know that they were out there just due to fair of Shravan month. Paid my respect along with ganga jal to Bhole Baba took his blessings and started back to reach home by 6:00 PM. Took a hot water bath as soon as I reached home as i was all drenched and wet. And a sound sleep of 2 hrs to feel afresh.

Hope to go for the same hike very soon……….

First Time To Mountains…..

As the saying goes “there is always a first time” so is the case with most of people unless you are lucky enough have taken birth in the lap of mountains.

So here in this article we would like to share the things which you need to take care off, when ever you are travelling to the mountains.

Mainly Focusing on Do’s  And Don’t.

1.) Mountains can be chilling even in peak summers of plains. So there are peak summers in your home, on the contrary chances of spine chilling weather in the mountains can leave your planning for a toss. Especially the nights can grow out to be much more colder. The temperature can down up to 2~5 degree centigrade. Thus its higly recommended to carry a pair of warm clothes even in summers.

2.) Snow Wear: When ever you have planned for taking your kids out in summers to show snow at a Hill Station do remember to carry an extra pair of clothes along with shoes and socks. As kids and adults who see snow for the first time get carried away with emotions and forget about the clothes getting wet. Snow gets inside your shoes and clothes and melts to make them wet.                                                                                                                                                                                   Although rented shoes and overcoats are available  at most of the places but if you avoid to wear rags and many time used clothes, you should carry your own.

3.) Long walks in the woods: When people from pains visit mountains they just get lost in the inner self and may take a walk around the place. Its  advised to go out but do have a word with your local guardian, may be receptionist so that he may guide you, what to take care off. the pedestrian paths in the mountains can be dangerous some times. you need to have a proper anti skid pair of shoes and be extra cautious while walking on them as the molasses and may be pine / Himalayan Cedar tree’s dried leaves makes a perfect ground for slipping. So better be safe and take these cautions.

4.) River Side Enjoyments: Water streams in the mountains are majorly crystal clear and pull people towards them. Most of the people go near and water of the rivers and rivulets, mainly for posing for fb profile pics and get caught in unwanted rise in water levels. The second danger lies in the slippery rock  base of the river, which have turned highly slippery due to remaining immersed in water. So Avoid to get into trouble by getting too much close to the rivers and avoid going onto the rocks surrounded by water from all sides.

5.) Respecting the Law of the Land:  Mountains have remained conservative for long and people in mountains are also in remaining tied to there traditional customs and beliefs. God’s and Goddess’s have a special high place in there day to day  activities and customs. So respecting there culture, beliefs and customs should be taken care off by all.

Happy tripping!

UnSeenHinalayas 🙂